Municipality Of Panay


Experience Panay

            The Municipality of Panay considered as one of the oldest town in the Province of Capiz. It was located on the northeastern part of the Province of Capiz. It has a varied natural resources such as a wide coastal areas, rich ocean resources, beautiful mountains, magnificent picturque scenery and bountiful ricefields. It has also a good aquaculture industry which contribute a lot to the economy of the town.

            Besides of its natural resources, it was widely known as one of the grandest town in the Province of Capiz in terms of Spanish influence. Its simple but elegant municipal church, the Sta. Monica Church was  beautifully constructed dated back from the Spanish period. Its design was nourished from Baroque Spanish style. Though it was simple, its tranquil and gracious wall creates an impression of elegance. Its altar, made from wooden architecture that beautifully carves, stand as a proof of its antiquity and bravery for a hundred of years. The Sta. Monica Church was the landmark of the Municipality of Panay through the years. And it was also made as the sanctuary of the largest bell in Asia. In which, it can be found at the belfry of the church. This bell, together with the church attract tourists every year that it had been a major tourist destination in the Province of Capiz.

             Aside from its beautiful and great church, the Municipality of Panay was the home of one of the most unspoiled beach in the province, the beach of Pawa. The municipality was also bountiful in delicious and nutritious seafoods and native cuisine.

             The Municipality of Panay was also a leading town when it comes to celebration, it has several festivities that shows the talent and skills of their lively citizens. Their festivities also showed the town products that are export quality. The town fiesta was a grand and exciting celebration that everyone were waiting for. There are games, street dances, exhibit of town products, huge crowd enjoying the events and very energetic audiences in the battle of the bands in the evening celebration. This shows that the people of Panay were hospitable and ejoyable to be with. And its vast resources both natural and man-made gives an outline of what's Panay can offer to the world.